Corporate Social Responsibility and the Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya: A Case of Equity Bank

  • Mercy Wanja Mwangi
  • Jane Wanjira, Ph.D
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Organization Performance, Commercial Banks in Kenya, Equity Bank


The goal of this study was to explore the influence of Social Corporate Responsibility on organization Performance. It specifically sought to establish the influence of philanthropic CSR activities benefits salient to CSR activities CSR contributions and financial-focused CSR on Equity Bank performance. This study was guided by three theories namely Triple Bottom Line Theory, the Stakeholder Theory as well as the Fiduciary Capitalism Theory. This study adopted a descriptive research design. With all the 238 management staff at Equity Bank being the target population. In order to answer the research questions, the study incorporated merits of secondary data which formed a basis for comparison with findings. The findings of the study were: philanthropic CSR, benefit salient, CSR contributions and financial focused CSR, had a significant influence on organizational performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study concludes that: Philanthropic CSR, benefit salient on CSR, CSR contributions and financial focused CSR activities had a positive and significant influence on Equity Bank organizational performance. The study thus makes the following recommendations that Equity bank management should continue to invest more in the corporate social responsibility aspect done to make the life of beneficiaries better in terms of education, health and other humanistic endeavors. They should improve on strategies that improves on the desired outcomes that accrue out of CSR activities and improve by seminars and involvement actions how the employees feel about CSR enough to warrant motivation to better productivity by them.

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Author Biographies

Mercy Wanja Mwangi

MBA student, Kenyatta University, School of business

Jane Wanjira, Ph.D

 Lecturer, department of Business Administration, School of Business, Kenyatta University

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Mwangi, M., & Wanjira, J. (2019). Corporate Social Responsibility and the Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya: A Case of Equity Bank. International Journal of Current Aspects, 3(II), 186-198.