Performance Appraisal Strategies on Performance of Teachers in Public Secondary Schools in Kiambu County, Kenya

  • Bernadette Wangui Mwangi
  • Reuben Njuguna
Keywords: Performance Appraisal, Human Resource Strategies, Teachers Performance, Public Secondary Schools


This study was triggered by the Teachers Sercice Commission (TSC) coming up with teachers performance appraisal strategies to appraise teachers and administrators in its employment, but the program has not fully realized the objective of evaluating teachers performance and initiate professional development.  There has been a stiff resistance from teachers on the use of appraisal tool terming it as forced appraisal. The study, therefore, sought to establish whether there is a relationship between appraisal and reward/compensation, examine how setting of standards and targets influences teachers perfomance, determine how measuring and monitoring teachers work on regular basis affect their performance and find out the effect of quality of work on performance of teachers in public secondary schools in Kiambu County. The target population was 3,479 teachers in 277 public secondary schools in Kiambu County. The study was conducted in 22 secondary schools in 11 sub counties comprising TSC teachers and administrators with a population of 686.  58 teachers and 22 head teachers, totaling to 80 representing 12% were selected from the accessible population of 686 teachers using systematic random sampling. The study established that standards/targets, measuring and monitoring performance managing quality of work and reward/pay affects teacher performance positively and significantly. The study concludes that setting standards and target allows schools and the teaching staff to better measure their progress helping to keep them motivated and accountable. Measuring and monitoring teacher performance ensures that information is gathered so that judgments can be made and questions answered accordingly. Performance appraisal strategies are critical to satisfying the performance of teacher and retaining their future loyalty and teachers are satisfied with the extrinsic rewards provided from the organization like: pay, bonuses, allowances. The study recommends that for the management of schools to achieve goal alignment in the teaching staff, they must first clearly communicate their school’s strategic objectives across the entire school. The school should have a way of monitoring their teacher which must be developed in a systematic monitoring and evaluation of the class and the work of teachers. On managing the quality of work, the study recommends that schools match tasks to Skills, communicate effectively, keep goals clear & focused, give incentives, train and develop their teachers and the study recommends that the school management should take interest in the professional growth to increase the performance level of the teachers.

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Author Biographies

Bernadette Wangui Mwangi

Correspondent Author, School of Business, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Reuben Njuguna

Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Kenyatta  University, Kenya

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