Strategic Management Drivers and Service Delivery: A Case of Huduma Centre in Mombasa County, Kenya

  • Priscah Consolata Muketi
  • Lawrence Wainaina
Keywords: Strategic Management, Service Delivery, Huduma Centres


This study sought to establish if service delivery enhanced implementation of strategic management drivers in an organization in the public sector. Strategic drivers are forces that shape an organization’s strategy, which contributes to the growth of a particular business. This study’s general objective was to establish how strategic management drivers influence service delivery in Kenya’s Huduma Centres focusing specifically on Mombasa County Huduma Centre. Specific objectives that guided this study were; to establish customer orientation’s influence on service delivery, to establish the influence of marketing orientation on service delivery, to determine the influence of technological orientation on service delivery, and to find out influence of business-partner collaboration. The theories relating to the study were reviewed focusing mainly on the RBV, Resource Advantage theory, Service Dominant Logic and Technology Diffusion theory. The researcher adopted descriptive research design. The target population were employees deployed at Huduma Centre, Mombasa County with 154 members of staff drawn from all cadres comprising senior management, middle level management and operational staff selected from the relevant Government Ministries, County, Departments and Agencies of which a 30% sample size of 46 respondents were selected.  The primary data was collected using structured questionnaires. Analysis of data done using descriptive and inferential statistics. The study concluded that customer; marketing, technological and business-partner collaboration has a positive and significant effect on service deliver. This study recommended that the management of Huduma Centers should organize for regular in-service trainings for the employees to improve on their customer relation skills. It should improve on customer orientation by finding ways to be more responsive to customers’ needs. Huduma centres should aim at having a workforce that offers services to its clients with uniformity and equity. They should also invest more in technological innovation in order to offer services that are more efficient to the clients by focusing on offering purely on-line services. Finally, all systems be updated by ensuring that all departments have enough machines to work with hence reduce dependency and sharing. Business-Partnership collaboration especially in terms of the partners providing the employees with necessary skills they need for improved service delivery.

Author Biographies

Priscah Consolata Muketi

Student, MBA (Strategic Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Lawrence Wainaina

Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya

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Muketi, P., & Wainaina, L. (2020). Strategic Management Drivers and Service Delivery: A Case of Huduma Centre in Mombasa County, Kenya. International Journal of Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2(3), 1-15.